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Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

Is your current air conditioning system beginning to show its age? If it is, then it may be time to have it replaced. However, before replacing it with another central air conditioner, you might want to consider your other options. For example, a ductless air conditioning system. Ductless AC systems are growing in popularity. The following are some of the benefits of installing a ductless AC system:

  1. Take up less space – Traditional AC systems consist of two larger units, one that’s placed indoors and one that’s placed outdoors. They disperse air throughout the house through a duct system that runs through every room. Ductless AC systems differ greatly in that they take up way less space. This is because, first of all, no duct system is required. Secondly, ductless systems consist of small units that can be installed on the walls. The amount of floor space that you can save is substantial.
  2. Improve indoor air quality – A traditional AC system disperses cool air through a duct system. Because of this, it’s more likely to pick up contaminants, which are then spread throughout the house—especially if the filters haven’t been changed and are dirty. Ductless AC units disperse cool air directly into the area they are in, which means that they aren’t picking up contaminants that are being spread throughout your indoor air.
  3. Reduce noise – Traditional AC systems tend to generate way more noise than ductless AC units. Ductless AC units are much less noisy because they don’t need to use as much energy to disperse air throughout the house and because they are much smaller as well.
  4. Improve temperature control – The unique thing about ductless AC systems (besides the fact that they do not use ducts), is that they can control different parts of the house separately. Each unit controls the temperature for a different zone. This means that you can blast the air conditioner in the living room while keeping the temperature in the bedrooms upstairs in a warmer setting. Such control makes it easier to keep everyone in your household happy and comfortable.
  5. Reduce energy costs – Because of the ability to control temperatures in different zones throughout the house, you’ll end up using way less energy. For example, if you’re in the living room and the rest of the house is empty, then you can adjust the temperature in the living room for your comfort while allowing the rest of the house to remain at the most energy-efficient settings. This differs greatly from other AC systems, in which changing the temperature in one area requires you to change the temperature in the entire house, thereby using up way more energy to do so. In the end, you’ll end up saving significantly on heating and cooling costs with a ductless AC.

These are five reasons why you might want to consider installing a ductless AC system. To schedule a ductless AC installation or to request a free estimate, be sure to contact us at Strive Heating & Cooling today.

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