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Heat pumps are convenient in that they can both heat your home during winter as well as cool your home during summer. However, it also means that any issues that it might have will affect the heat pump’s ability to do either. Fortunately, here at Strive Heating & Cooling, we can provide reliable heat pump repair services in Hanover, PA and the surrounding areas in York County.

Our technicians will not only be able to inspect your heating system in order to determine the source of the problem, but they will be able to make heat pump repairs no matter what brand heat pump you have.  Additionally, we understand how inconvenient it is to deal with heat pump problems, especially at the height of summer and winter seasons. It’s why we provide our customers with emergency heat pump repair services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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If your heat pump won’t work at all, then it’s obvious that it’s in need of repair. However, there are issues that may not affect the performance of your heat pump that still require attention. Even the smallest problems can turn into major issues over the long run. The following are some common signs that indicate your heat pump most likely needs repair:

  • Poor performance – If your heat pump is having difficulties cooling or heating your Hanover home evenly or effectively, then there are a number of potential issues that could be at the source of the problem, such as an issue with your thermostat or a potential refrigerant leak.
  • Loud sounds – Any loud noises produced by your heat pump that are out of the ordinary may indicate that one of its parts has broken or is about to break.
  • High energy bills – If your heating or cooling costs are way higher than normal, it means that something is causing your heat pump to perform inefficiently.
  • Poor airflow – You may have a problem with your blower fan if the heat pump is having difficulty dispersing heat or cool air throughout your home.
  • Frozen compressor – If your heat pump sits off the ground and you’ve experienced snowfall recently, then your compressor could freeze, resulting in a blocked drain.


Here at Strive Heating & Cooling, we are a fully licensed and insured local HVAC service with a strong reputation throughout Hanover, PA for the quality of our heating & cooling repair services as well as for our customer service. We strive to maintain this reputation by only using the most qualified technicians and by focusing on making sure that we identify and repair or replace any heat pump issues the first time around.


If you’re having problems with your heat pump, then you’ll want to have it inspected as soon as possible. To schedule a heat pump repair service in Hanover, PA, contact us online or give us a call at (717) 634-6828 today. Remember, you can reach us at all times for emergency heat pump repair services as well.

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