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Heating Maintenance Services in Abbottstown, PA

In Abbottstown, PA, folks know how to take care of things so they last. Heating maintenance offers your best chance at another winter of reliable comfort and affordable utility bills. Strive Heating & Cooling offers the best furnace tuneups, heat pump service, and other heating maintenance services in Abbottstown.

After we’ve performed a heating tuneup in Abbottstown, you can expect your equipment to run more smoothly and efficiently. We whip things into shape so you’re less likely to need heating repairs anytime soon. Strive Heating & Cooling is the local HVAC team you can trust for honest, helpful service.

Call (717) 634-6828 or request service online for your annual heating maintenance in Abbottstown, PA.

Why Get Heating Maintenance in Abbottstown, PA?

Normal wear and tear take a toll on any heating system. In Abbottstown, heating maintenance provides plenty of benefits since we rely on heating so much. Whether it’s an electric or gas furnace, a heat pump, or a ductless unit, there are many parts that should be cleaned, tuned, and occasionally replaced.

Our heating tune-up service in Abbottstown helps your wallet and your comfort level, in many ways:

  • Extend the life of your heating equipment
  • Reduce the risk of emergency heating repairs
  • Optimize efficiency for lower heating bills
  • Get rid of dusty, moldy, or burnt smells from the heater
  • And more!

Our Abbottstown heating maintenance customers also enjoy special treatment including discounts on future repairs, so you get extra peace of mind!

Enjoy the most benefits by always getting an annual heat pump or furnace tuneup in Abbottstown—call (717) 634-6828 or contact us now!

Furnace Maintenance in Abbottstown

We recommend that homeowners change the furnace air filter regularly to help with air quality and heating performance. However, it’s also critical that a licensed HVAC service in Abbottstown performs annual furnace maintenance.

Strive Heating & Cooling ensures the best safety and heating performance with a thorough furnace tuneup in Abbottstown. We check the pilot light, gas valves, burners, heat exchanger, sensors, switches, and more.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Abbottstown

Our technicians bring years of training and experience with heat pump systems, too. Take care of heat pump maintenance twice a year if you use it for both heating and cooling! Strive Heating & Cooling can simplify your life with seasonal heat pump maintenance whenever it’s convenient for you.

During our Abbottstown heat pump service, we’ll check the reversing valve to make sure it can work in heating mode. We also look for refrigerant loss. If there’s a refrigerant leak, your heat pump might ice over or stop working. Your technician will also clean the coils, lubricate the bearings, flush the drain line, or handle any other upkeep as needed.

Schedule Heating Maintenance in Abbottstown, PA

We know what you want from heating tuneup: an on-time appointment, fast service, and helpful maintenance. Strive Heating & Cooling is your local, award-winning HVAC company in Abbottstown, PA. We don’t take advantage of the opportunity by using aggressive sales tactics. We’ll just get your heating system ready for winter and beyond!

To book your annual heating maintenance in Abbottstown, PA, please call (717) 634-6828 schedule service online!

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