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Heating Maintenance in Hanover, PA

To keep your heating system running well year after year, the best thing you can do is to always remember annual heating maintenance. In Hanover, PA, you have a local HVAC company that offers top-quality service at affordable prices. Strive Heating & Cooling can help keep your energy bills lower and your home warmer with heating maintenance in Hanover.

We offer the best furnace tune-ups and heat pump services in “Snack Town” to keep our customers happy and comfy. When Strive Heating & Cooling performs regular heating maintenance, you can rest assured that a smart and friendly technician will make sure your heating is ready for the winter ahead!

Call us at (717) 634-6828 to make an appointment, or contact us online to schedule your heating maintenance in Hanover, PA.

What Do Our Hanover Heating Tune-Ups Include?

We provide heating maintenance services in Hanover that are both preventive and proactive. While inspecting and testing your furnace or heat pump, we’ll also be cleaning and adjusting things for better heating.

Beware of heating maintenance services that are really just inspections where they’ll try to sell you more expensive repairs. Strive Heating & Cooling cares about customer satisfaction first and foremost.

We use a thorough checklist for heating maintenance in Hanover. The details will depend on the type of equipment—a gas furnace, electric furnace, heat pump, ductless HVAC, and others—but will typically include services such as:

  • Cleaning gas valves and heating elements
  • Testing the pilot light and flame sensors
  • Inspecting a heat exchanger for cracks
  • Testing the thermostat and electrical connections
  • Adjusting motor belts and fan blades
  • Testing for leaks—refrigerant, duct air loss, etc.
  • Replacing a provided air filter
  • And much more

Benefits of Our Hanover Heating Maintenance

Your heating system might be running just fine, but you need a tune-up to keep it that way. And if you’ve been dealing with inconsistent heating, weak airflow from the heater, high utility bills, or any other signs of heating problems, our Hanover HVAC maintenance service can whip things back into shape.

Our Hanover, PA customers enjoy several benefits from heating maintenance:

  • Maximum energy efficiency and lower heating bills
  • Cleaner indoor air quality
  • Stronger heating in every room
  • Removal of furnace smells or stale air problems
  • Extended lifespan for heating equipment
  • VIP treatment and discounts on future heating repairs
  • Friendly service from an award-winning HVAC company in Hanover!

Request a Heating Tune-Up in Hanover, PA

Our heating maintenance services provide an affordable way to tune up your HVAC system during a scheduled appointment—rather than dealing with a stressful emergency repair later!

Schedule service with Strive Heating & Cooling or call us at (717) 634-6828 for heating maintenance in Hanover, PA, or throughout York County.

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