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Furnace Installation Services in York County

Your furnace plays a vital part in your home’s comfort and safety, especially when you take into account the brutal winters that Pennsylvania is known for. Because of this, it’s important that you have a furnace that you can rely on. The last thing you want is a furnace that doesn’t function properly and that’s constantly in need of repairs. Not only will a good quality furnace keep you and your family warm during the winters, but it will also provide peace of mind as well.

Here at Strive Heating & Cooling, we provide professional furnace installations to homeowners throughout York County. Give us a call today at (717) 634-6828 to schedule your Hanover furnace installation.

Signs You Need a New Furnace Installation

It’s worth noting that in many cases, any issues you are having with your furnace could potentially be resolved with repairs instead of complete replacement. However, the following are a few signs that you might need to a new furnace installation, and that your system is past the point of repair:

  • Your furnace is over 15 years old – Once your furnace reaches the 15-year mark, it’s more likely to begin having serious problems. Additionally, upgrading your furnace at this point makes sense since newer models will be much more efficient and effective.
  • Your furnace needs regular repair – If you’re constantly having to pay for repairs, then you might want to just take the plunge and invest in a new one. Those repair costs add up, and it’s not likely going to stop having problems if you’re constantly having to repair it.
  • Your furnace is making loud sounds – Loud banging, grinding, clanking, hissing, or squeaking sounds could indicate that there’s something wrong with the fan or the motor, which means you need to replace your furnace.
  • Your heating bills have skyrocketed – If you’ve noticed a huge spike in your heating bills even though your usage hasn’t changed, your old furnace may no longer be working efficiently.
  • Your furnace has stopped working – If your furnace has broken down, it is time to replace it completely.

If you are having a furnace problem that is not listed above, give Strive Heating & Cooling a call today at (717) 634-6828. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Our Furnace Installation Services in Hanover, PA

We are a fully licensed and insured HVAC company that has fostered a reputation for the quality of our installation work and our top-notch customer service. Our highly trained technicians will be able to determine if replacing your old furnace is your best option, or if a furnace repair is the best solution. They will also help you choose a new furnace and ensure that it is properly installed so that it will heat your home effectively and efficiently throughout the winter.

We generally recommend that you get a furnace inspection before winter hits to ensure that it’s in good working condition. However, you may be better off replacing your old furnace with a new one, especially if serious problems are uncovered during the inspection.

If your current furnace is no longer reliable, then you may need to install a new one. To find out more about installing a new furnace in your York County home or to schedule a furnace inspection or repair, contact us online or give us a call at (717) 634-6828 today!

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